Our Academic Program

For our academics, we use a curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Scope and Sequence which covers:Aspen Academy Charter School

  • Phonics, Reading, Standards-Based writing curriculum using Writer’s Workshop, Spelling, Grammar, and Latin
  • US and World History and Geography
  • The Physical and Natural Sciences
  • We use the Singapore Math curriculum
  • We also include Phy Ed, Music, Art, and Spanish

See a full list of our curricular topics for each grade.

Core Knowledge Curriculum

In an effort to educate students in a way that fosters cultural literacy and an understanding of the world around them, Aspen Academy implements the Core Knowledge curriculum. Core Knowledge is:

  • Is based on work by E.D. Hirsch, Jr. and the series “What your 1st / 2nd /etc. Grader Should Know”
  • Helps develop culturally-literate students through its many cross-curricular connections
  • The content-based approach provides a strong academic foundation
  • The coherent, sequential plan avoids curricular duplication and gaps

The Core Knowledge Sequence allows students to go beyond a basic awareness of people, places, and events in their community and into the global culture that surrounds them. The topics covered in the curriculum at each grade level promote a better understanding of the significance of these people and events, creating a larger, shared knowledge of a broad range of topics important to create a culturally literate individual.

The Core Knowledge curriculum also helps prepare students for the knowledge that lies ahead. Due to its sequential organization of the topics covered, it eliminates many repetitions or gaps found in other curricula across kindergarten, primary school and middle school. The Core Knowledge Sequence builds on what came previously, allowing the student to understand the introduction of new material because it is built on a solid foundation. For more information on the Core Knowledge curriculum, you may want to read through the book series “What your First (2nd/3rd/etc) Grader Should Know” or go to the Core Knowledge website at www.coreknowledge.org.


For additional information about Aspen Academy’s academics, please join us for a parent informational meeting or call us directly at 952-226-5940.

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