Additional Car Line Notes

Dear Parents,

A huge thank you for your many smiles and waves during the car lines this week.

We know you are inconvenienced by the changes, as we are, and we appreciate the kind remarks, shout outs from your car windows, and the great cooperation during drop off and pick up times.

One reminder for our safety.  Cars are traveling at fairly high speeds coming down the hill into the parking lot, particularly when only three or four of you are coming in at a time.  Those driving out of the lot onto Zinran are exceeding your speed a bit more than we would like to see.  We are very concerned for the safety of you and your children and also for our staff.  As per the handbook, all traffic is to come from the west on Zinran and leave driving west up the same route on Zinran.  Please do not turn in from Hwy 13 as it endangers the safety of those directing traffic and the cars who do not need to enter Aspen's lot but do need to turn onto Hwy 13.

Again, thank you for helping us out, and for the many kind remarks about having people direct traffic at the entrance during conferences.

We appreciate our Aspen families.

Mrs. Herman, Miss Mellgren and our entire Outside Staff!

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