Board Policies

100 Level Policies – School Identity

101 Legal Status of the School

  • Public Powers & Authorities
  • Funds
  • Property
  • Contracts

101.1 Name of the School

102 Equal Education Opportunity

103 Complaints – Students, Employees, Parents or other persons

  • Students
  • Employees
  • Parents
  • Other Persons

104 School Mission Statement

200 Level Policies – School Board

201 Legal Status of the School Board

  • Governing Body
  • Election Process
  • Organization and Membership
  • Powers and Duties

202 School Board Officers

  • Organization
  • Specific Position Responsibilities

203 Operation of the School Board – Governing Rules

203.1 School Board Procedures; Rules of Order

203.2 Order of the Regular School Board Meeting

203.5 School Board Meeting Agenda

203.6 Consent Agendas

204 School Board Meeting Minutes

  • Publication Rules

205 Open Meetings and Closed Meetings

  • Procedures
  • Notification
  • Documentation
  • Emergencies

208 Development, Adoption, and Implementation of Policies

209 Code of Ethics

  • Functions, Responsibilities
  • Relationships among School Board Members
  • Obligations

210 Conflict of Interest – School Board Members and Employees

  • General Prohibitions and Recognized Statutory Exceptions

211 Criminal or Civil Action against School, School Board Member, Employee, or Student

  • Civil Actions
  • Criminal Charges of Conduct – Employees and Students

213 School Board Committees

  • Committee, Subcommittee, and Ad Hoc Committees
  • Appointment of Committees
  • Procedures

214 Out of State Travel by School Board Members

300 Level Policies – Administration and Director

400 Level Policies – Employment

401 Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Non Non-discriminatory Policy
  • Anti-Harassment and anti-violence

402 Disability Nondiscrimination Policy

  • Accommodations

404 Employment Background Checks

  • Criminal History Consent Form

406 Public and Private Personnel Data

  • Definitions: Public, Private, Confidential, Protected, etc.
  • Public Personnel Data: Name, Salary, etc.
  • Private Personnel Data
  • Various Other Classifications and Authorization
  • Employee Authorization/Release Form

407 Employee/Parent Right to Know – Exposure to Hazardous Substances

  • Definitions and Training

410 Family Medical Leave Act

  • Twelve-week Leave
  • Six-week Leave
  • Special Rules for Instructional Employees
  • Dissemination of Policy

412 Expense Reimbursement

  • Establishment of Directives and Guidelines

413 Harassment and Violence

  • Religious, racial, and sexual harassment and violence
  • Reporting, Investigation, Action, and Stance against Reprisal

414 Mandated Reporting of Child Neglect or Physical or Sexual Abuse

  • Definitions, Procedures, Investigations
  • Maintenance of Records Concerning Abuse of Potential Abuse
  • Dissemination of Policy and Training

415 Mandated Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults

  • Reporting, Investigation, Training

417 Chemical Use and Abuse

  • Students and Staff

418 Drug-Free Workplace/Drug-Free School

  • Procedures, Enforcement

419 Tobacco-Free Environment

  • Related Devices
  • Exception, Enforcement, Dissemination of Policy

425 Staff Development

  • Advisory Staff Development Committee and Site Professional Development Team
  • Duties of the Advisory Staff Development Committee
  • Staff Development Plan, Funding, Reporting

426 Employee Time Off

427 Workload limits for Special Ed Teachers

430 Reporting Unethical or Illegal Activity

431 Group Health Insurance

500 Level Policies – Students

501 School Weapons Policy

  • Employees and Students

502 Search of Student Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions, and Student’s Person

  • Procedures, Directives and Guidelines
  • Seizure of Contraband
  • Legal Intervention

503 Student Attendance

  • Responsibilities of Student, Parent/Guardian, Teacher, Director, MN Law
  • Attendance Procedures: Excused, Unexcused, Consequences
  • Tardiness
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Truancy and Required Reporting

504 Student Dress and Appearance

Uniform Guideline Chart 9/3/15

  • Uniform Policy

505 Distribution of Nonschool-Sponsored Materials on School Premises by Students and Employees

  • Guidelines, Time, Place and Manner of Distribution
  • Request for Approval, Disciplinary Action
  • Notice of Policy to Students and Staff

506 Student Discipline

  • Areas of Responsibility: Board, Director, Teachers, Other Staff, Parent/Guardians, Students
  • Student Rights and Responsibilities
  • Code of Student Conduct
  • Disciplinary Action Options
  • Removal of Students from Class, Dismissal, Suspension, Expulsion, Exclusion
  • Notification of Policy Violations
  • Student Discipline Records (and the Pupil Fair Dismissal Act and other laws)

509 Enrollment of Students

  • Eligibility and rejections
  • Exclusion and Termination

510 School Activities

511 School Fundraising

512 School-Sponsored Student Publications and Activities

  • Guidelines, Time, Place and Manner of Distribution

513 Student Promotion, Retention, and Program Design

514 Bullying and Harassment Prohibition Policy

  • Definition
  • 24-hour Reporting Procedure
  • School Action, Victim Protection, Prohibiting Reprisal
  • Training and Education

515 Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records

  • Disclosure Procedures and Confidential Records
  • Release of Directory Information
  • Right to Inspect and Review Education Records
  • Requests to Amend or Challenge Data

516 Student Medication

  • Administration of Prescription and Non Prescription Medication
  • Emergency Procedures

521 Student Disability Nondiscrimination

522 Student Sex Nondiscrimination

  • Reporting Grievance Procedures
  • Investigation, Action, Alternative Procedures, Policy Dissemination

524 Technology Use and Safety Policy

  • Use of System is a privilege
  • Unacceptable Uses
  • Filter
  • Consistency with Other Policies
  • Limitation of School Liability
  • User Notification and disclaimers

526 Hazing Prohibition

  • Reporting Procedures
  • School Action and Anti-Reprisal Measures

531 The Pledge of Allegiance

  • Students shall recite one or more times each week.
  • Exceptions for any reason are allowed
  • Students will be instructed in proper etiquette toward flag and patriotic exercises

532 Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEPs from School Grounds

  • Reasonable Force Permitted
  • Parental Notification
  • Continued Removals; Review of IEP

533 Wellness

534 Data Practices

600 Level Policies – Curriculum Implementation

700 Level Policies – Budget and Finances, Misc. Busing, Vending

701 Establishment and Adoption of School Budget

  • Director or Designee Prepares
  • School Board reviews, recommends and approves

701.1 Modification of School Budget

  • Revisions or modifications are recommended by Director and proposed to Board
  • Budget Modification shall make adjustments to ensure fiscal responsibility
  • Expenditures shall not exceed revenues and fund balances in a fund without modification

702 Accounting

  • Accounting in Compliance with UFARS
  • Annual Audit – on or before October 1

703 Annual Audit

  • Prior to September 15 submit unaudited financial data to Commissioner
  • By November 30 submit audited fiscal accounts

704 Electric Transfer of Funds

705 Credit Card Policy

  • Authority, custodians, and Standards of Conduct
  • Monitoring and Internal Controls
  • Portfolio Diversification
  • Competitive Selection of Investments
  • Qualified Institutions and Broker-Dealers
  • Safekeeping and Collateralization
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Depositories and Electronic Fund Transfers

706 Acceptance of Gifts

  • School Board may precondition, condition, accept or refuse gifts for the benefit of the school

707 Transportation of School Students

  • Provide transportation of students consistent with the requirements of law

709 Student Transportation Safety Policy

  • Student Training & Bus Safety Week in October
  • Conduct and consequences
  • Bus Leasing and Maintenance
  • Driver Training
  • Licensing and Insurance
  • School Emergency Procedures for Buses

712 Video Surveillance Other than Buses

714 Fund Balance

800 Level Policies – Facility

801 Equal Access for Student Use of School Facilities

  • School Board creates limited Forum for students
  • Fair Opportunity Criteria applied
  • Director Oversees Procedure, Keeps Application Log, Allocates Space

801 Equal Access for Student Use of School Facilities

  • Director authorized to dispose
  • Contracts of More and Less than $5,000
  • Notice of Quotation
  • Sales to Employees
  • Exceptions for Surplus Computers

804 Warning Systems and Emergency Plans

  • Director develops comprehensive Emergency Plan and maintains records – Board approves
  • Conducts Drills and modifies Procedures
  • Plan guides employees, students and parents. .
  • Emergency Plan Addresses (Fire, Bomb Threat, Intruder, Etc.)
  • Employees receive copy and training
  • Students receive instruction
  • Parents are aware of plan

806 Crisis Management Policy

  • Director Proposes – Board Approves
  • Crisis Procedures for the above (General, Lock-Down, Evacuation, Sheltering, and Crisis Specific)
  • Early School Closure Procedures
  • Media Procedures
  • Grief-Counseling Procedures
  • Facility Diagrams and Site Plans
  • Emergency Telephone Numbers
  • Crisis Response Teams
  • Instruction for Staff
  • Procedures after Emergency

807 Health and Safety Policy

808 Service Animals in Schools

900 Level Policies – Visitors and Material Distribution

901 Facility and Grounds Use Policy

Facility Use Application and Agreement Form

902 Marketing

903 Visitors to School Building and Sites

  • School Board balances welcome to visitors and parent volunteers with student safety.
  • Director shall present recommended visitor procedures and requirements to the school board
  • Visitor Limitations – individuals or groups can be denied access.
  • Visitor parking is limited

904 Distribution of Materials on School Property by Nonschool Persons

  • School provides process for non-school persons to request distribution of materials
  • Distribution must be orderly and non-disruptive.
  • Guidelines for Appropriate Content, Time, Place, and manner of Distribution
  • Procedures for requesting permission to Distribute
  • Timely Decision by Administration

905 Advertising

  • School Name as well as individual names may not be used for profit.
  • Advertising Guidelines
  • School Publications may include advertising
  • Donations with Ads – need pre-approval
  • Accounting

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