Director’s Report – March 21, 2017

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* Thank you to: All staff and parents for working with Aspen with regards to parking, pick up/drop off and of course the safety of the students.

Aspen Academy achieves intellectual, social, and creative growth for all students.
Define ways to strengthen intellectual, creative, and social programming.  


Definition of, training for, and implementation of standards-based programming. ●        Action Plan Team meeting on March 21

●        Prof Development day on March 3, schedule in google doc

Expand and strengthen data-driven instruction (DDI). Here is the outline of testing dates for MCAs:

March 27 – 31 Middle School Math and Reading and MTAS

April 3 to 7 – 5th grade Math and Reading

April 10 to 13 – 4th grade Math and Reading

April 17 to 21 – 3rd grade Math and Reading (not the afternoon of the 20th due to a tornado drill)

April 24 to 28 – MCA Math and Reading Makeups

May 1 to May 5 – MCA Science for 5th and 8th grade

Aspen Academy maintains enrollment through recruiting and retention.
Track attrition data and target retention strategies at key grades. CURRENT YEAR 2016-2017:

K- 76,  1- 69,  2- 69,  3- 69,  4-68,  5-61,  6-43,  7-26,  8-16           Total: 497

Identify and pursue marketing opportunities in the community. ●      Brochure for Savage and Prior Lake Chamber of Commerce, local housing developers and other local businesses completed. US Post Office approved our bulk mailing application.  Brochures to go out over the next two weeks.
Develop marketing materials for different audiences branding/marketing identity.
Aspen Academy develops and maintains strong student, parent, and community partnerships.
Develop and expand THINK-related programming. ●      THINK – more to report in April.
Expand after-school programming options. ●        Active Solutions – Pat Caldwell will have a report ready for April on winter and spring activities.
Increase parent involvement opportunities. ●        Apex Fun Run update:

Total monies = over $23k (Playground equip – 40%, Technology – 40%, THINK – 20%, Office supplies $500).  Monies may still come in over the next month.

Aspen Academy develops and retains a highly qualified staff and board.
Define criteria we look for in prospective employees / board members. ●      Search for Enrollment Coordinator – posting complete March 10. Mr. McNulty, Mrs. Hummel and Ms. Rowan are reviewing applications.  Interviews to be conducted by the week of March 27.
Define training / support / coaching we will provide to employees / board members. ●        New Board member training on March 1 = K Houglum and V Regehr

●        As per meeting, Staff Dev Comm reached the following conclusions:

1. We will continue our goal into next year, utilizing the books further

2. Maggie will be the chair and write and communicate agendas for PD committee meetings and staff development days

3. SueAnn will be the treasurer and manage the finances

4. Lori will the the secretary and take minutes of the meetings

Define professional standards we expect employees / board members to meet. ●        Success – Marss EOY 2017 Submission for District 4184:07

●        Your most recent submission was successfully received. It will completely replace all records previously submitted.  Betsy completed before her final work date.

Aspen Academy practices exemplary financial and operational management.
The Finance Committee will meet at least quarterly and define reporting needed. ●        March 22 meeting at 4:30pm
Create / define / monitor organizational systems for clarity. ●        BKDA has issued their notice to Aspen Academy to end service as of June 30, 2017.  Finance committee will address during committee meeting.
Implementation of Synergy across multiple operational areas.  


OTHER – Strategic Planning
Information to report not otherwise included in Strategic Plan. Director  – Expansion project (Owner’s Rep – Kou Vang to be present)


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