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Here’s what some parents have to say about Aspen.Aspen Academy Charter School

Character development, social graces and respect for authority

Our family’s original decision to send our children to Aspen Academy was primarily centered upon a concern for the social environment awaiting them at our local public middle school. After nearly a year at Aspen though, our reasons for staying have expanded exponentially. I had previously been told by multiple parents that the education provided here was superior to what we were receiving. I have found their claims to be an understatement. Aspen’s programming and continual efforts to improve it, do not disappoint. But there is more to developing children than just scholastic excellence, and Aspen Academy has not left the other aspects untouched. Character development, social graces and respect for authority are a few words that come to mind when I think about some of the less tangible yet highly significant components of the overall educational experience at Aspen Academy. I could go on to talk about the caring, committed and very competent staff that invests their efforts daily on behalf of the success of our children’s learning, and the parents and families who give of their time and energy and finances to make Aspen Academy the success that it is. If I could define in one word why it is I send my children to Aspen Academy, I’d simply say, “Best”. – J.G.

Opportunity to be personally involved with their education

One of the main reasons we sent our children to Aspen Academy is because we saw a great opportunity to be personally involved with their education. This is very important to us as they spend a lot of time at school. They deserve the best educational experience possible and we believe that they get that at Aspen. It almost feels more like a family than a school and we really enjoy contributing to that atmosphere. We volunteer a few times every week in our childrens’ classrooms and help with the reading/spelling programs and one of the main reasons we do that is so that we can see how the teachers interact with the kids and how the kids interact with each other first hand. This social interaction is such an important aspect of the learning process and it’s a joy to be part of it at Aspen. As a Dad, I’ve made it a priority to be able to work volunteering at school into my schedule so that I can get to know the students and teachers and be a part of their school life. It’s been very rewarding and fun and I look forward to seeing all of the smiling faces every week. We feel very lucky and blessed to have a school like Aspen as an option for our special children! – T. C.

Academically rigorous environment

We wanted our child to be in an academically rigorous environment and challenged constantly in all areas. Learning about charter schools and in particular Aspen Academy, the goals and vision of the school, met our vision and we have been very happy all along. Having parents’ voice heard has been one more reason for us to send our child to Aspen. We are extremely happy with the teaching staff and thrilled about our daughter learning Spanish as well, in addition to other subject areas. Both my wife and myself work and we find different ways to volunteer at school. We volunteer for MAP testing, lunch times, board elections, reading times and so forth. We try to do more volunteer work from home by taking projects that could be done at our convenience. We love to volunteer at school to assist the teaching staff who have been doing a phenomenal job teaching our kids. This is one way we get to know the teachers better and kids of the school. More than anything, we see the smile/proudness on our daughter’s face whenever we do volunteer in school or from home. – S. K.

Caring staff, dedicated teachers, and a committed leadership team

We initially sent our son to Aspen Academy because of the individual approach to teaching. After nearly three years we have many more reasons: caring staff, dedicated teachers, and a committed leadership team to name a few. We volunteer based on requests from the teachers and staff. Anything from helping hang cabinets to cutting out game pieces for classrooms. We feel good about helping a school where everyone goes above and beyond, from staff to teachers, board members, and of course our fellow parents. Investing time through volunteering demonstrates to our son our commitment as a family to the success and growth of his school. – K. P.

Smaller community, parental influence…a breath of fresh air!

Coming from a large district with 6 elementary schools and feeling like we didn’t have much of a say in decisions, the smaller community of Aspen, along with the overall parental influence and required parental hours was a breath of fresh air for us. The classical model, 2 languages exposure, as well as the rigorous academic push made us confident that Aspen was the best place for our children. I volunteer on a fundraising committee. My favorite volunteer time though, is being in the classroom and assisting the teachers with the students in learning. I love being in the classroom and being a bigger part of my children’s educational experience at Aspen and being exposed to their environment. – J. K.

Individualized attention, smaller class sizes, and family involvement

Aspen Academy has been a wonderful choice for our children and family for the past six years.  The teachers and staff go above and beyond every day to ensure academic success and emotional/social growth for ALL students. As a parent I love the high academic rigor and curriculum in Spanish, Latin and Core knowledge teaching.  My children benefit greatly from the individualized attention to each child and smaller class sizes, and enjoy the close community of family involvement in the school.  We chose Aspen because we desired an excellent learning environment for our children and we stay because we have found the best. – K. L.

All of the amenities of the local school

I am so glad we made the decision to move to Aspen. They have all of the amenities of the local school, but with small class sizes and more in-depth curriculum. The students learn how to work hard which helps set them up for a life of success.   – C.H.

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