A Letter from the Director – March 21, 2017

Dear Aspen Community:

We are now in the last trimester of school for the 2016-17 school year and it has been a year of major changes to Aspen Academy.   The most visual change is the approved expansion of Aspen Academy.  I am focusing this letter on the ongoing work this winter/spring and a short timeline of what is to come.

March 20 marked our second change in the entry/exit for staff, students, and parents coming to the school.  I want to thank all for a good start to our one-lane drop off on Monday morning.  I also want to make sure that all parents and community members remember that the safety of getting the students into the school and out to the vehicles each day needs to be a priority.  With this being said, please make sure you work with the staff members who are out each day directing the traffic and student flow.

A few items to point out that will help make the process move along, as we do understand the process will take a little more time with one lane.

  1. Please do not enter or exit the Martial Arts School lot to or from Highway 13.  This causes back ups, and is disrespectful to those who have been waiting in line to turn from Zinran.
  2. Please move your vehicle within a couple feet of the vehicle in front of you – this will allow an extra 1 or 2 vehicles per transition.
  3. Please make sure the driver side is as close to the curb as possible so there is appropriate room on the fenced side for the students to walk to the entrance and out to the cars.
  4. All vehicles are to take the outer drive area where the cars park – the main parking area lane is for the buses and parking.
  5. Please drive slowly and carefully when turning in and out of the Martial Arts School, and anywhere within the parking lot.  We have noticed some drivers are going much too fast for student and parent safety.

If you drove through this week, you can see that Anderson Companies, our lead construction company, has made a lot of progress during the spring break.  Over the next month you will start to see the building to the east of the present building taking shape.  Presently they are installing the geopiers in the ground on the east and south sides of the building to support the foundation.  Also, although out of sight for now, they are putting the block in for the new addition on the northeast side.  As the spring progresses, you will start to see the east and south side of the building grow – the entry area and inside the school work will not take place until later this spring/summer.

Please look over the Aspen Academy website also as the updated site is in place and we are working to ensure all areas are updated.  Kelly Smith, our Tech Integration Specialist, is overseeing the development and doing a fine job at that.  Thanks to everyone for attending conferences this Thursday and Friday, and thanks to the staff for the great work with the students.

I thank the community and the entire Aspen staff for their tireless efforts and inspiration. Spread the word of our great school – Aspen Academy – that provides ‘Enriched learning for K through 8th grade, in a tuition-free public charter school that prepares your student for the next stage’.

Enjoy the spring,
Mr. Mike McNulty, Executive Director of Aspen Academy

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