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Incoming 6th Grade Parents: 

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Important Dates



  • 20 - Board Meeting - 6pm - Media Center


  • 3 - First Day of School (Grades 2-8)
  • 5 - First Day of School (Grades K-1)

Parent/Student Handbook

It is the parent and student's responsibility to know the information listed in the handbook as well as the additional information listed here. Thank you.

aspen academy charter school

School Hours & Attendance

School hours are 8:30-3:30.  Student drop-off begins at 8:10 am.  Our specialists (Art, Music, Phy Ed and Spanish teachers) will meet you as you pull through the drop off lane, and escort your children into the building.  School starts promptly at 8:30.  If you arrive after the Specialists have returned to the building, your child will be recorded as tardy so we encourage parents to arrive well before 8:30.  If you arrive after 8:30, we ask that you park and escort your child in yourself so we are assured of his or her safe arrival.

Students are expected to be in school as per the school calendar.   Family vacations are not considered excused absences and if you are considering a vacation during the school year for which your child will miss school, please ask to speak with the school Director as this could affect your child's enrollment at Aspen Academy.

If your child has been ill, he or she must be free of a fever or symptoms of illness for a full 24 hours before returning to school.  Please contact our School Nurse - Noel Burrow or Office at 952-226-5940 if you have any questions regarding your child's return to school after an illness.

Outdoor Weather Policy

If the wind-chill or temperature is below zero students or if it is raining at Aspen will have indoor recess and will not be going outside.  The decision is made by the Principals and teachers at the time of their recess because the temperature has a tendency to fluctuate throughout the day.  Please make sure your students bring the proper outside weather clothes any day of the winter just in case it is above zero anywhere between 11:50am-12:45pm, thank you.

If school is delayed or cancelled due to weather, we will follow our Winter Weather Plan.  Below is information regarding weather:

First, we live in Minnesota, and the weather can change quickly.  It is very important that you remain alert to impending weather and that your child is properly dressed for the current and anticipated weather conditions.  For information on emergency school closings or delayed starts, please reference any of the following broadcast stations:

  • KMSP-TV (channel 9)
  • WCCO-TV (channel 4)
  • KSTP-TV (channel 5)
  • KARE11-TV (channel 11)

Emails, phone calls, FacebookTwitter and the Aspen website are also used to keep families informed.  If you do not have an email listed with Aspen Academy, please contact Jean Brening at the school office.  Aspen understands that all parents will not agree with the decision to close school, keep school open or start late.  The student's guardians are expected to make the final decision with regards to determining whether the child will be given a ride or ride the bus to school based on weather and road conditions.  We do ask that if you do decide to keep your child home due to weather or road conditions that you inform the school with that decision.  Thanks.

Transportation Information

2017/2018 Busing Information

Bus Transportation is provided by Schmitty & Sons.  They can be contacted at:  952-985-7500.

**Please read carefully, there have been changes since last year.

All bus requests are due by June 1, 2017.

  • Since family situations change and our enrollment varies from year to year, we do not automatically use the same stops as previous years. We create our routes based on those that turn in forms by the due date listed. If you miss the deadline, and we do not have a stop specific stop in your area, we will assign your student to the closest stop available. **ALL families wanting busing needs to complete a new request each year.
  • To those that have elected busing, we will send out bus stop information in July. Please review your stop information carefully. If we do not hear back we will assume you are accepting that stop.
  • If there needs to be a change to a bus stop after receiving your assigned stop or during the school year, please fill out the form below and  email to the office. Please allow 3 business days for processing/changes.

Request for Bus Stop Change form

  • We will do our best to accommodate requests, however, we cannot guarantee all stop requests.
  • Students who get on/off the bus from a stop within the borders of the Prior Lake/Savage school district, may ride the bus at no charge.
  • Students who get on/off the bus at a stop outside of the borders of the Prior Lake/Savage school district are charged an annual fee of $500 with a family cap of $1000.
  • Families who qualify for Educational Benefits (free or reduced lunches) will also qualify for reduced bus fees. If you qualify for reduced lunches: $200 per student with a family cap of $350 per year. If you qualify for free lunches: $125 per student with a family cap of $225 per year. It is required that a new Application for Benefits form be filled out each school year. These forms will be available later this summer. Please contact the business office for information. 952-226-5942.
  • All bus fees must be paid in full by August 25th in order for students to be able to ride. Failure to pay the transportation fee will result in the removal of transportation privileges.
  • There is no fee reduction if your child rides the bus one way and not the other.
  • All bus fees are non-refundable.
  • Make checks payable to Aspen Academy. No cash will be accepted. Returned checks will be charged a $35 fee.
  • Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students may be removed from ridership for unacceptable behavior.
  • It is expected that students will know if they are supposed to ride or not each day. If there is an unexpected change to the bus riding schedule for a specific day please email the teacher by noon each day. If notice is not received by noon, we cannot guarantee the change will be able to happen.
  • Only students scheduled to ride the bus may do so. Students may not ride home with friends.


Uniform Guidelines for 2019-20

Uniform Vendors: Donald's UniformsSchoolbellesLand's End Uniform Shop

**Donald's Uniforms is a new vendor for Aspen Academy!  They are a brick and mortar store located in St. Paul and in Eden Prairie.  They are able to carry all of our items (except for our Lands' End Evergreen) including our plaid. Donald's Uniform Preferred Card Flyer

Aspen Students wear Uniforms because uniforms:

  • increase school spirit and community by fostering a sense of belonging and pride in the school.
  • increase campus safety and security: students or strangers who are not in uniform can easily be identified.
  • increase acceptance for all students: An emphasis is placed on “who you are”, and not “what you wear”. Uniforms help to eliminate elitism. No one student is “better” because of what he or she wears.
  • help students come with a mindset for work. It is Aspen’s belief that a student’s education is their “job,” and that they should dress for work, not play.
  • improve academics. There is a reduction of time spent on discipline – and increase time for teaching. Aspen stresses “books”, not “looks”.

Aspen students are expected to be in uniform during school hours and on field trips unless otherwise notified.

The tops are an all-white or evergreen polo or turtleneck. Bottoms are khaki pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts.  Girls may also wear a green plaid jumper or a green polo dress.   There are some additional options for our middle school students (grades 6-8).  Please see the Uniform Regulations form for more detailed information.  For more specific information and dealers who carry our uniform, please contact the office. Also, if families could please label their items it will help return lost clothing to your student. Thank you!


What are Aspen Academy’s uniform colors?

Evergreen or white for polo shirts, turtlenecks and sweaters; khaki for pants, shorts, skorts and skirts; girls may also choose to wear green plaid jumpers or skorts or skirts.

How do I know which green to order?

Land’s End is the ONLY approved vendor for green colored polo shirts and sweaters. The color is called Evergreen.

What if what I order now doesn’t fit my child come August?

We recommend you keep all tags and shipping materials intact and consult the vendor in the event you need an exchange. All our vendors have excellent return and exchange policies for non-monogrammed items.

Do the tops have to be monogrammed with the Aspen Academy logo?

No, monogramming shirts and sweaters with the Aspen Academy logo is optional but can be done by Donald's Uniforms (on white), Schoolbelles (on white), or Lands End (on both Evergreen and white) for a small additional fee.

What if the polo shirt has a small animal or flower embroidered on it, is this okay?

No. The ONLY accepted logo is the Aspen Academy logo.

Does the school recommend one vendor over another?

No. Aspen Academy does not endorse any one vendor, however the school will receive back a percentage of total sales from Land’s End.

Can my child wear his/her white oxford shirt that buttons up the front?

No. The approved tops for boys and girls are polo style shirts with a fold-over square or rounded collar as detailed in the School Uniform Regulations.

Can the girls wear Capri pants?

No. Capri pants are not an accepted pant style, there are simply too many style variations with that pant length.

My child has a white cardigan that has a hood, is this acceptable?

No. Hoods are not allowed on any sweaters per the dress code. While some vendors may have hooded sweater available in the Aspen colors, they are not an approved item. Please refer to the School Uniform Regulations for additional information.

Which items are not acceptable as part of the school uniform?

As per the uniform policy, policy number 504, items that should not be worn to school include:

  • Outdoor wear including hats and caps and boots.
  • Ripped or torn clothing
  • Cargo pants, jeans, corduroys or sweatpants.
  • Skirts/skorts/jumpers that do not extend a minimum of 1 inch past the fingertips when arms are at the side.
  • Obtrusive hair accessories or jewelry.
  • Any apparel or footwear that may damage school property.

My child is often cold in school. Can they wear a sweatshirt or sweater to stay warm?

Clothing worn at school needs to be uniform approved. We have lots of green and white sweaters to choose from through our vendors. Aspen logo sweatshirts are for Spirit Wear Days only.

What days is it acceptable for students to wear Spirit Wear?

Spirit Wear is worn every Wednesdays.

aspen academy charter school
aspen academy charter school

Student Supply Lists for 2019/2020

Supply lists are here! Below is a flyer from the School Tool Box company. We will again be offering parents the option to purchase all needed school supplies through them. Make sure to submit your order early to give enough time to receive the supplies before the first day of school.  You will also find below next year's supply list for parents to individually purchase items.

Community Education and Clubs

Aspen Community Education

After School enrichment to meet the intellectual, creative and social need of each student.

We believe that having a broad range of after-school activities that appeal to a variety of interests is important to keep students engaged.  As we create these programs, along with committed staff to coach/staff/supervise them, we'll post them on this page.  We also invite parents to lead clubs and activities.  Please contact the Community Ed Coordinator, Jemma Wahl -

  • Rock Club - Beginners (grades 3 - 6), Intermediate Levels (grades 4 - 6) and Advanced (grades 5-8)
  • Fishing Adventures
  • Kayaking Adventures
  • Bicycling Adventures
  • Running Club
  • Physical Education

For a complete listing of Aspen Academy Spring After School Classes, descriptions, dates and times click on the button below.


Mr. Fairweather runs our band program, click here to send him an email.

Aspen Academy offers a beginning band program as an enrichment opportunity for fifth graders.

Aspen’s middle school band is an intermediate band for students who have either taken fifth grade band at Aspen or have taken one or more years of private lessons on their own.  Students who have taken private lessons must consult with the band teacher and/or the middle school principal prior to enrollment.

The middle school band is an elective that meets during the day and students are continually enrolled from one year to the next unless schedule changes are arranged with the middle school principal.  Students who do not elect to take band will be placed in an alternate course.

Before and After School Program

952-226-8486 - AFTER HOURS NUMBER

Aspen Academy's before- and after-school program and is open to any family that pre-registers with the office.  There is a one-time registration fee and after that, parents pay by the "block" for any portion of the following:

Morning Block7:00 - 8:15 a.m.$8.00
Afternoon Block 13:30 - 4:30 p.m.$8.00
Afternoon Block 24:30 - 5:30 p.m.$8.00

Registration Form

2019/2020 Before and After Care Calendars

Calendars are due by the 20th of the month prior to when care is needed. 

We ask that returning families please review the Family Registration form each year for updated procedures.

aspen academy charter school
aspen academy charter school

Report Cards

An important part of Aspen Academy's high academic expectations and rigor is reporting to parents and students their progress on meeting Minnesota State Standards.  In order to better communicate student progress and success, Aspen Academy is converting their report card to one that reports Minnesota State Standards.  Parents and students will have a better grasp on how their are progressing on the learning required by Aspen Academy and Minnesota State as well as areas that students should focus on.  It is our hope that this shared information will bring about additional success on our State testing - MCAs - across all grade levels and abilities.

All report cards come with a cover sheet which explains the grading system.  A copy is available below.

Report Card Samples:

KindergartenFirst GradeSecond Grade
Third GradeFourth GradeFifth Grade
Sixth GradeSeventh GradeEight Grade
Cover Sheet


aspen academy charter school

ParentVUE Access

ParentVUE is our parent portal. We have been adding features in phases. Currently parents can go online and update their contact information and view missing assignments for middle school. We will notify families as more options are added.

Please click here to access ParentVUE

or you can paste this URL in your browser,

If you have questions about ParentVUE access, please contact Jodi Herlick at

14825 Zinran Avenue
Savage, MN 55378

Phone: (952) 226-5940
Fax: (952) 226-5949