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Hola!  Me llamo Srta. Jacobson!

I am so excited to be a part of the Aspen Academy staff and community!  This is my 10th year teaching Spanish.  My first two years were spent teaching high school Spanish in Wisconsin before coming back to Minnesota where I taught middle school Spanish for a year in Prior Lake.  This will be my seventh year at Aspen and I am so excited to be working with many familiar students and getting to know my new students.

I love traveling and have been lucky enough to spend a semester in Seville Spain and have visited France, Gibraltar, Portugal, Morocco and many different US States.  In my spare time I enjoy swimming, reading, writing, watching TV/movies and sleeping.

This past summer I also completed my Master's degree in ESL from St. Mary's University of Minnesota.

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Homework Policy

(Updated to reflect that parents now have access to TIES)

  1. You can expect homework every night.  If no worksheet or activities are handed out, you should be reviewing grammar or vocabulary for about 10 minutes each night).
  2. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the stated due date.  Anything not completed before class starts is considered incomplete.
  3. Students are responsible for finding out what they missed when they were absent.  There is a binder with handouts for them on my cart that also lists everything that they missed.  Extras to replace lost worksheets are available on a first come first served basis in a file bin in room 111.  Students may e-mail and ask for a digital copy if needed.
  4. Homework collected on the day you were gone is due that day you come back to Spanish.  If it is not turned in, the maximum score you can earn is a P.
  5. No daily work will be collected after the final test/project of the unit.
  6. All middle school work must have a first and a last name written on it to receive credit.  No credit is deducted for a missing/incomplete name, however.
  7. Students are expected to monitor their own missing work through TIES.  Missing work e-mails will no longer be sent home.
  8. If they did not understand the homework, students are encouraged to see me before or after school for help before the assignment is due.  "I didn't get it" is not an acceptable reason for not having homework completed.


Spanish FAQ

1.  Can I use a translator on my homework?

NO!  Translators do not help you practice the language and they frequently translate what you are trying to say incorrectly.  Using a translator is the same as having someone else do you homework for you.  This is cheating and will result in a zero on the assignment/project.

2.  Is there a Spanish to English dictionary that you recommend?

There is not currently a dictionary that I prefer over other dictionaries.  I recommend caution when using a dictionary early on in Spanish because students do not always have enough knowledge of the language to use a dictionary effectively.  If you just need to look up a quick word here or there, I have an online dictionary linked to the right side of my page.

3.  I don't speak Spanish.  How can I help my student?

You can play quizlet games with them!  Or use their flashcards!  The quizlet site has a function where it can pronounce the words for you.  Please take advantage of this to learn right along with your students.

4.  I do speak Spanish.  How much help can I offer my kids.

  • You can review vocabulary with them.
  • Ask them to explain their notes to you in their own words.
  • For older students working on big projects, you can guide them in the correct direction to get them to the correct answer.  (Ex- ask them to check their verb ending to make sure it's been conjugated correctly.  Give them a clue about where to look on their vocab lists to find the words they are looking for.  Help them simplify what they want to say in English so they can get to a Spanish translation using their own brain power).
  • Do not tell them how to say something.  Many times there are multiple ways to express the same thought or idea in Spanish but the students have only been taught one way for the unit.  Do not tell them to use alternate phrasings on homework or projects.  This looks suspicious and is a red flag for possible translator use.
  • Please DO encourage them to speak to me about alternate phrasings so I can ensure they are learning correctly.

5.  Why am I not getting e-mail updates for your class?

The most likely option is that I either do not have your e-mail address or the e-mail address that I do have is coming back undeliverable after an e-mail is sent out.

Please tell me the e-mail address that should be receiving updates.  For elementary students I need their homeroom teacher's name to get you on the correct mailing list.  For middle school students I need to know if they are in class 6Z, 6X or 7X (they will know which class they are).  Do not forget to verify your correct e-mail with the office too!

6.  Will you post homework online?

No.  Students are encouraged to use their planners to record homework.  Homework will be posted in my classroom and they can check the board at any time.  Extra copies of handouts will be uploaded on the class bulletin board linked on the right hand side of my page.  Any notes given in class can also be found there.  I usually print a few extra copies but those are given out on a first come, first served basis.  Students are also welcome to e-mail me and ask for a digital copy of anything I hand out in class.

7.  Will you send out e-mails with important test and project dates?

Mostly no.  I will send a newsletter out at the beginning of each unit for each grade level with an overview of what we are learning and what students will be expected to know by the end.  Test and quiz dates will be posted on the right hand side of my webpage.  If there is a big project coming up I will *most likely* send out an announcement to parents so they can help their student with a long term plan.

8.  Why is my 4th grader doing the same thing as my 2nd grader in Spanish?  Why are they doing the same things as they did last year?

They are not actually doing the same thing.  The elementary grades focus on the same vocabulary set at the same time.  As students get older, more words are added to the vocabulary list.  Students are also expected to do different things with the language as they get older.  Kindergarten is being exposed to Spanish.  First and 2nd grade are working on their speaking and listening skills.  3rd-5th grade are working on their writing skills in addition to their speaking skills.  Each grade practices harder tasks with the language.

Each grade starts from the same place each year because every year we have students who have never taken a Spanish class before.

This year we were able to level the middle school students so returning students did not need to repeat beginning Spanish unless they showed that they could benefit from a review class.

9.  Is there a time that you are available to meet with students or parents?

I am available after school on Tuesday and Wednesday for parent meetings/tutoring from 3:30-4:00.  Students may come in for help Monday, Thursday and Friday from 8:00-8:20.

10.  I am unable to meet after school.  Do you have time in your day for a parent meeting?

I do not.  My teaching schedule does not allow for it.

Spanish Wish List

  1. Expo Markers
  2. Hand Sanitizer
  3. Kleenex
  4. Paper Towels
  5. Loose Leaf Paper
  6. Pencils- Non-mechanical
  7. Pencil Top Erasers

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