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Below are some helpful websites for the study of Latin:


Flashcard sets are available on Quizlet. Please use the following links to join my classes:

Use these flashcards to practice new vocabulary or review old vocabulary.

Other Sites Useful reference, including some online vocab flashcards, for our middle school textbook

Latin Dictionary

Webster Online Free online dictionary and thesaurus.

The Latin Library Online collection of classical literature.

National Junior Classical League Nationwide organization for Latin students.

Why Latin? Brochure explaining some of the many benefits of classical language study.


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I. Recognize the function of Latin words within the context of a passage.

II. Apply the Latin declension and conjugation endings.

III. Display the understanding of meaning of a Latin passage by answering basic questions about the passage.

IV. Improve understanding of English words by relating them to their Latin roots.

V. Understand basic Roman culture and history and make connections and comparisons to the modern world


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