Welcome to English Learners!

Letter to Families

Dear families, 

Welcome to Aspen Academy English Learners (EL) program! My name is Irina Faulise and I am your child’s EL teacher this year. I have started my 4th year working at Aspen Academy. I am working with students in Kindergarten, grades 1, 2, 3 and 4. I am very excited about teaching your children!

On the right side in the shaded grey area you will find the description of Aspen Academy EL program, available in English and Russian. Also, there you can see the names of websites that your child can find very beneficial for his/her development of phonics, reading comprehension and Math skills. I have also attached my schedule, in case you would like to take a closer look at the times when your child’s classes take place.

My professional preference is to work with students of lower proficiency levels. I have patience and passion for that. Even within the lower proficiency, the students are still grouped into lower and low intermediate levels. The number of classes your child attends depends on those proficiency levels.

From the parent notification letters I sent earlier and from conversations with your child, you might already know how many EL Pull-Out and Push-In classes a day she or he has. In Aspen Academy we teach English language skills, based on school curriculum content, which Core Knowledge. Therefore, the skills that your child is learning in his/her homeroom classroom are supported and enriched in the EL classroom. I believe in strong literacy base for each student. In order to help them succeed in their school career, I strive to provide such strong literacy base to my students early.

Three times a year please expect EL Progress Reports that would be completed by me, if I am your child’s EL teacher. In those reports I will make comments about his/her English language development progress and what we have been working on to help them continue to grow.

Twice a year we have parent-teacher conferences. I have my own sign-up page, where you can register for a private conference with me. Feel free to reserve one or two time blocks with me, if you have lots of questions. Feel free to email your questions to me in advance. You can also reserve my time and the same time with your child's homeroom teacher, if you want me to be there, so you could talk to us both at the same time. I love seeing the parents of my students and love building productive partnerships with them!

Lastly, this year I am encouraging parent volunteers to come and help me in my classroom. I used to think that I am the superwoman and can do it all myself, but I’m not it. There are always a few small, but time-consuming tasks to be done, which, unfortunately, take away time from my planning. Please let me know, if interested to help out every other week, or once a month. Thanks!

Please feel free to contact me, if you have any questions: whether they are regarding your child‘s EL classes, his/her linguistic or academic progress, or with any other 2nd language acquisition related questions. My e-mail is irina.faulise@aspenacademymn.org or please leave me a voicemail at 952-226-8163.

Have a great school year!


Mrs. Faulise
EL (English Learners) Teacher
Aspen Academy

Helpful Links

Please do find time to get familiar with this website. It is a great tool to help your child practice phonics:


IXL.com - another excellent website for your student(s) to practice with Language Arts skills and Math problems. Please encourage your child(ren) to work with it.

Irina Faulise

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